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Health Benefits of Essential Oils.

Using essential oils is said to be one of the healthiest ways to experience the benefits of a variety of plants, herbs, and spices… but are they always safe to use?

We’ve been using completely natural plant extracts and oils for thousands of years. Today, the essential oil industry has blown up to an impressive $17 billion and there are no signs of it slowing down… and for good reason. Clinical studies show essential oils can play a big part in helping us manage health issues such as: blood sugar issues, low immunity, joint pain, migraines, depression, and anxiety. While the ancient practice of improving our health with essential oils is regaining popularity, so is the spreading of dangerous misinformation around its safe practices.

Here are 3 risky mistakes you must avoid when using essential oils:

1. Using Your Favorite Oils to Your Heart’s Content

Plants are powerful– and when they’re concentrated, they’re even more powerful!

This is especially true if you’re using them topically on your skin.

In fact, some essential oils are not safe to use topically, and all oils must be used according to safety guidelines to avoid toxic reactions.

Using oils such as cinnamon, thyme, or oregano on your skin can cause irritation, even at concentrations as low as 3-5%.

That’s why before using any recipe with essential oils, you need to understand exactly how much of each oil is safe, or else you’re putting your health– and your family’s health– at risk.

2. Believing the Lies On Your Label

Labels claiming your oils are “organic”, “pure”, or “therapeutic grade” should not be accepted as fact. The essential oil industry is taking on a language of its own purely for the sake of marketing.

Unfortunately, even expensive essential oils marketed as “high quality” options are still exposed to harmful pesticides and other chemicals before they were harvested and distilled.

3. Getting Carried Away Without Carrier Oils

Even though most essential oil recipes only require a small amount of oil for powerful benefits, they’re unsafe to use without a carrier oil.

Carrier oils are quite literally any other oil, like coconut oil or olive oil, that “carries” the essential oil in your body. They dilute the essential oil, making it safe to apply topically. Without it, you risk irritating your skin.

Any of these mistakes can quickly turn this ancient, health-boosting practice into a major health risk…but the truth is, using essential oils can eliminate hundreds of toxins from your life when they’re used correctly.

According to the Global Healing Center, we’re exposed to an average of 2,100,000 toxins every single day. They’re in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the hygiene products we use, and the water we drink. They get trapped in our cells and tissues and cause our immune system to work overtime to get rid of them. If we want to stay healthy, we must limit our toxic exposure.

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