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Coffee Ground Benefits

If you’re home brewing coffee, you probably throw out plenty of coffee grounds. But guess what? Coffee grounds can be used in several ways for beauty as well as around your house and garden.

Coffee grounds work as excellent exfoliators, Plus, massaging a scrub made with grounds onto your face and under your eyes (do not get too close to eyes) will help to boost circulation and improve skin quality.  I currently offer a lip balm with coffee grounds made from our local Mint Hill Roasting coffee house! 

Reduce Cellulite; The caffeine in the coffee grounds promotes the dilation of blood vessels and may work to tighten the skin, which may help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Makes a Natural Hair Dye without the effects of permanent hair dye. The coffee grounds work as a toner that makes your hair a bit darker.

Clean Grease and Grime; The abrasive texture of coffee grounds helps to remove grease, grime and buildup. Instead of using harsh chemicals or sponges to clean pots, pans and hard-to-clean surfaces, used coffee grounds might do the trick.

Coffee grounds fertilize the soil in your garden and they can even make a great repellent from mosquitoes and other pests.

It’s likely safe to consume grounds in baked goods, once in a while but overeating grounds may lead to increased cholesterol levels. Do not use regularly in cuisine.

Simple Coffee Ground Tips/Tricks!

Clean Dirty Metal - grab a handful of used coffee grounds on a rag and rub. Note-can stain porcelain.

Keep Bugs at Bay - ants hate the smell of coffee. Let used grounds dry, then sprinkle into the dark corners where bugs sneak in. You can also use a cloth or sachet and toss in a cabinet.

Neutralize Odors - Keep a small bowl of dried grounds in the refrigerator or freezer to element musty smells.

Make Your Plants Happy - Coffee grounds are full of magnesium, nitrogen, potassium and calcium which makes them a great fertilizer. Sprinkle grounds in flower beds or potted plants to give them a boost.

Freshen your hands - If you hands get dirty or smelly, a quick scrub with coffee grounds will neutralize the smell on your skin and it will soften your hands as well.

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