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meet sandy

I began studying essential oils and herbs in 2015 after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and, shortly after that, Melanoma cancer on my right elbow.  I was scared beyond words!  I was only 40, with two children and a busy portrait studio career.  How was I suppose to be there for my family and the career that I loved while being sick and fighting for my life?

I pored through online and print media, researching what I was up against.  Worse, my doctors were not even 100% sure I had MS.  Questioning the diagnosis led me to go with my heart and seek a more naturopathic option.  I choose not to start the horrible expensive MS medication.  In stead, I discovered the Upper Cervical Spine Center in Charlotte NC.  There I met Dr Ray Drury, a second generation Upper Cervical Doctor, who discussed my body's misalignment and the innate ability of my body to heal itself.  With a simple procedure to align the top to vertebrae in my neck over a years time,a healthy diet and exercise, I can say that today, I am still symptom free of MS.  

The Melanoma required surgery to remove the deep cancerous mole on my right elbow.  I will never tell you to refrain from seeking medical advice as a simple skin check at my dermatologist probably saved my life.  I do however, strongly suggest you follow your gut and do the research on alternative treatments when there is an option.

After being diagnosed with MS, I found myself trying to eat healthier, exercise more and use quiet time to calm my body and soul.  Hence the beginning of essential oils in my life.  My WHY is my family; my husband, two sons and my two grandsons.  As I Iook around my circle, I see a common denominator of pharmaceutical fix-all cures in pill form, which only cover up the real problem.. I am continually learning on my journey.  I try to use non toxic chemical free options in my home to clean and bathe.  I choose to purchase local organic greens and meats from local farmers, eat sensibly making food at home without sugar and chemicals... elements often hidden in food from restaurants and grocery stores. 

Recently, my  journey has led me to yet another Naturopathic, Dr Ernst, here in Charlotte. His team continues to educate me in nutrition while receiving neck and back alignments on a maintenance level to keep my body aligned and signals correct.  I am a true believer in the innate power of your body.

 I am happy to say, neither my husband nor myself are on any medication at this point in our lives.  

Over the years, I've perfected custom hand blended alternatives, including my sought-after Vitality Remedy products, that may help you with everyday wellness issues such as headaches, allergies, nausea and even high blood pressure.  Check out my SHOPPING page. You will find something for everyone, Toddlers, Men, Women and even pets.


I also have available my VG Workshops; a variety of both online and in person educational opportunities.  Check out my VG Workshop page for more information.

"Actual results may vary from person to person.  I do not dispense medical advise or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor either direct or indirectly.  My intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help you in your quest to practice a more natural emotional and physical well being"

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