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Continuing my passion to help others with the use of Aromatherapy,

I am elevating my knowledge of anatomy and physiology by studying the

reflection of organs in the feet and hands;


It is truly amazing how God created our complex bodies and how they can 

work reflectively to relieve and help everyday ailments.

I am currently offering sessions as part of my Educational Fundraising

in hopes to raise money to fund my Reflexology education.  

In return, you will receive reflexology sessions and will be a vital part

of my learning experience.

There are several ways you can help me

  while investing in your own health and wellness.  

Select the FUNDRAISING OPP button below to read more about the many ways you can support me in the Full Circle of Comfort or

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Reflexology is a type of therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points along your

feet and hands to ease stress and helps your body work better.  

Reflexology links or connects meridian points on specific points on the outside of your body

(feet and hands) to their reflective points or organs on the inside of your body.  

By putting pressure on one area of the

foot or hand, it can have an effect on the organ that it corresponds with.

While reflexologist use their hands, reflexology is not a form of masssage.

Reflexology is not an alternative to medical treatment and reflexologist do not

diagnose or treat illness.  However,  like other forms of therapies,

reflexology is complementary to medical treatments.

Research has confirmed overwhelming direct effects on specific conditions including


-Arthritis pain

-Some symptoms of multiple sclerosis, like fatigue and skin sensations

-Emotional and physical pain caused by cancer

-Sinus issues




what to expect at your reflexology appointment

-First time clients will complete a Health Doc answering questions regarding health, food      choices, lifestyle, medications and any current conditions or questions you may have.  

-Enter a spa-like setting with soft music, low lights and aromatherapy.  You will keep your  clothes on during your reflexology sessions, just removing shoes to reveal bare feet.

 Wear comfortable clothes to help with relaxation. 

- will begin your session with gentle pressure on one foot at a time using different  reflexology techniques.  I may return to certain pressure points a second time, but will cover  each foot entirely, not just the points connected to any trouble spots you may have.

-Sessions are usually 30-60 minutes long.  At some point you may feel so relaxed that you fall  asleep, or you could feel a rush of emotions as energy moves through your body.  

Afterward,  you could feel energized or have a sense of calm.

-Scheduled sessions can be on an occasion, for a tune up, or on a weekly basis for a set  period of time if you're using reflexology to help a condition.  

We will discuss options at each  session.

Ready to book a Reflexology Session?

I am currently enrolled in a certified Reflexology Class and can accept donations for my Educational Sessions until I am State and National certified.

Please select the Fundraising Opp button and choose a donation opption

or call me direct at 704-608-6164.